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I am once again asking for an android save function :x



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I hope this vn not having THAT MUCH of nsfw cg (oh and btw this game is working on my device aptch still not working :'( )

its completely sfw, so no smex scenes



Is this sfw?if yes i would love to play,i don't really like nsfw 😅

yep its sfw.


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So with an update and there is still no menu/save/skip/rollback button I have to guess it's intentional? I know you can press esc to open the menu on PC but there's nothing to do on Android...

Also I am kind of curious about the whole "you can't save here" and "here are your lives" but you get to save a minute later and when you dieyou don't use a life and rollback, it's just... Game over? ...Why?

Well, I don't wanna be to negative, it is a very early demo and the art is super nice


oh oof i forgot to add the save function 


cool! I am already wainting for the next update


Can't save on Android


Since no one asked yet, I will be the person to do it :3

Will there be possible NSFW in the future?


Just finished reading, please add a skip when we die TwT... And also FREDDY!! :3


I'll do a patreon goal, if the goal gets reached i'll do an NSFW patch for all routes. But for now it's all sfw.


The dragon feels like he's the "canon " lover


i like brad hes rad


Hey huge I was just wondering I know you're starting this but how long after this will you return to a place to call home Series again just wondering




by the way I was trying to check out your dating Sim card it's kind of difficult for me with timers and I wasn't sure which option to pick and I don't want to have to go through all the text again and again sorry for improper English if any pop up my speech to text can be a little weird

its the 3rd option


Thank you for letting me know huge cookie I will check it out more again I don't want to sound ungrateful and everything but I can't wait for the a place to come home to return

Will let it cook for a while before trying this! 🔥🔥


Quick question; is there not any Skip or save option available? It doesn't give me the option to on the Android version.

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jesus help me


all hope is lost now


Very gay, i like it

playing asap :3