Upcoming update note (v1.3.5 & 1.4)

Hey there, pogchamps! :O

This month's update (Nov) would be a graphics update for the sprites,

 some typo and grammar fixes here and there, and combining of the two updates (1.2 & 1.3).

And hopefully, before the end of the month, I'd be able to push out 1.4 update that adds tons more story content as well as raising the comedy bar higher.

I hope you guys can wait a little longer!

Poggers! :O

(And yes, that is the new Leo Hauser sprite)

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does he have twitter or discord?

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Tbh I liked his old sprite better why the change though he looked perfectly fine


Wow Leo's new art looking incredible :o

Very excited for the 1.4 update! C:


I really like the new art. Will Leo get a route? So we can romance him?



Well, Leon functions as "the daddy", so I'm unsure if he's going to have a route. But probably most, myself included, wouldn't have a problem with dating your own dad (and he's not even related by blood), it's fiction after all. Although there were signs of him dating some guy in the future, the bartender I recall.

It'd be a shame 8f he didn't got a route. I mean no disrespect but I'm not that attracted to Phileo. Leo on the other hand... 

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And it is totally fine with me, I was wondering why the dev only replied with "Hmmm..." I thought it was a given that he will have a route. Let's just see what happens...

By the way, have you played Rusty Punk yet? I can't figure out the battle system. It's weird and there's no explanation.

I have downloaded, but haven't had the time to play it, though that VN hasn't been updated in a while if memory serves me right... Why do you ask? 

I asked, because I had trouble moving onward from that point in the story, it's resolved now. Rusty punk is rather short, yes.


The new sprite is looking good, can't wait for the update!