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(The game contains some adult themes. You must be 18 or older to play!)

What is this game about?

A Place to Call Home is a Character driven genre visual novel with themes of comedyromance, and drama centered on gay audiences.

This game is not a dating sim

The game centers on the story of 3 characters: Leonhardt Hauser, Phileo Hauser, and Ludus in their life after a modern-day World War 2.

The story follows their journey of blunders and mishaps, coping with the loss of a loved one, and finding their purpose in life.



Thank you for all your support! <3

If you like the game, consider supporting me & the game on my Patreon here!

Or if you don't want to commit to a relationship, here's my coffee! Ko-fi

Chill and talk with friends on the new Discord server! Discord

Special thanks to Wattson for making the Kinetic Text Tags codes! https://github.com/SoDaRa/Kinetic-Text-Tags

Big thanks to Tavern of Spear devs for permission to their logo on the sprite's shirt, to Compymono from Nekoji.  for that reference I took too far, and Howly's permission for an Adastra reference.

Game in continuous development

Please leave your thoughts below. Your opinions and criticism are most welcome, it also helps improve the game!

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBara, Comedy, drama, Furry, Gay, Romance, Slice Of Life, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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APlacetoCallHomeFInalMix-mac.zip 822 MB
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com.hugecookie.aptchfinalmix-release.apk 850 MB

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Hellooo, i really love this game allot, i wanna ask when or how long chapter 3 is gonna be released cause im desperate for it 🗿, and hopefully you have a great day or night ^-^


hmmm, ill announce a release date. Prob December

ok! thx for letting me know :D


Hey, I hope things are going well for you. 

Before I play the VN, I would like to know if Phileo is the only character romance route available for Ludus ? Basically, is this VN linear or can I date someone else other than Phileo ?

Thanks in advance. Have an amazing day :)


You will, in Season 2.


I see. Also, thank you for making this amazing VN. It hits really deep emotionally lol


I just finished your Final Mix for the first chapter I can't believe how much got skipped when I downloaded the regular update I can't wait for more keep up the good work huge cookie


i loved the new host music added, he's my favorite composer and his planets symphony is one of his best works

(2 edits) (+1)

Hi i have a question I was wanting what where the names of the two songs that was played in the game 

1.Of them was when I believe was ludus when he went outside to look at the sky.( to be more Pacific the scene when he goes outside with his earpiece and looked at the stars)

And the other one was when (again I believe was Ludus) he phone he's phoned ringed I wanted to see if I could get the names of them two ^ ^

(Sorry if my English is bad I'm still learning 😅)

Arc North- Symphony

Everything- Diamond eyes

thank you ^ ^


Catching up! Catching up!

Hey huge cookie I really loving a place to call home although I am really worried about l u d especially after Phil attacked him mentally he must be destroyed because I know how much he loves Phil please keep up the good work I wish I knew the name of the songs you used in the Opening screen and as well as the one you used while l u d was on his run absolutely love them

hmmm ill make a list of them soon 

Always my favourite and I always come back for more. ❤️
(1 edit)

theres uhmm.... 2 more chapters before this one >.> 

This whole update i uploaded is about 3 hours long in total >.>>>>>

Try start the vn from the very beginning, then you'll see some things you haven't read ;o

Noted Huge cookie!;)

sooo good loved this update im glade i waited 


This update so epic , Pls keep it up <3

Getting an error installing the update on Android. :( Error message is: App not installed as package conflicts with an existing package.

Will I lose my save files if I uninstall then reinstall?

nop, you wont. Probably. You really need to uninstall it so you can install the new update.


Gotcha. Fingers crossed 🤞

Thanks so much! 


Lost the save files XD oh well, the story's amazing anyway so it's not too bad.

Why i can't update ;-;

It said that "apk can't be installed".

did you uninstall it first?


Will ludus have superpowers and a badass transformation too? I wish he had those superpowers and that transformation too


aight people, stay calm, a new APTCH update just came out…




Ok what is the difference between Android versions? What one do i get?


oh oof i fixed it now ;o


the music slaps hard


Just took a peek at your profile HugeCookie and I was pleasantly surprised to see your background. I immediately recognized it and thought for sure it was just a coincidence but then I saw the phrase "My body's missing pieces" and then I quickly realized it wasn't a coincidence. Just thought it was cool that you know that song as it isn't well known unless you listen to that specific genre of music. I also listen to Lo-fi and "Empty Crown" is one of my favorites :) Anyways, I hope you have an amazing day!


:O <3


bruh i still try to understand who tf is the main character lmao

why not all three of them

Is there a 18+ scene in the vn? 



hello do you have twitter? or any other social media?

click on my profile, theres a link there :o


I love how goofy Ludus and Phileo are when they are left alone together

Does anyone know when the next update will be?

the public update will be around october, where the 1st arc is finished

oh okay! Thanks!


In the meantime try the "Remeber the flower". 

oh I'll have to check it out, thanks!

thank you so much for telling me about Remember The Flowers, it's really good and can't wait for the next chapters (:

(2 edits) (+10)

Your game is really amazing it caught me off guard. Ludus and Phileo together looks like Dumb and Dumber movie. I cried laughing so hard 😂😂

PS: as a Brazilian I don't know what to say about this 👇😅 11/10





The audio track is Amazing!, so please

Add A Soundtrack Gallery In the menu!

u.u oki

^v^ Tysm


Add Animation


Does this VN have an OST? I love this soundtrack


Yeaah, I hope so, the musics are beautiful



(1 edit) (+1)

You can find all the audio files in APlacetoCallHome/game/audio


I guess that you could update to new version of renpy, because it prevents crashes on devices with Android 11 and superior.




I saw the art style and had to download, will update when finsished! Either way this art is stunning


I love this game with a passion, This was my first ever Visual Novel and I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to this amazing game style, I can't wait to see future development

(1 edit)

can you leave me the title music? I can't find on the internet

don't worry. I got this, though it sounds a little different

What's the name? If you don't mind sharing

(1 edit)

The  title music 's name is felicity,you can get it by this web  https://www.scottbuckley.com.au/library/felicity/



The first VN I get to review. I would like to say that this game has a very unique story and also Unique characters, I enjoy that this is Real life mixed in with Furry's. Even with the new chapter out being funny, I enjoyed the game a lot! 10/10

This one will be hard to review, I have already seen the full picture, but… I need sometime to fully bring my thoughts, I go around reviewing VN´s and do love them. This one though deals with a total personal matter, and It will be hard to push it aside while reviewing. I will need to wait for the new chapter to close the doubt I have. I will be expecting and waiting your new chapter.

O No! More please! Not enough😭

Hey cookie, is the android builds all the same, but little different like this will support older android and that is new and doesn't supports older devices right?


yess, its in the names ;o




I can't still play that game 😭

sorry but i looked up your phone model and i think it cant handle the game well :c


ye i think thanks for helping me i really appreciate it thank you so much

ye i think thanks for helping me i really appreciate it thank you so much

Oh that's so sad :(

I got bug to play pls can u fix it

wat happen

when Im play aptch i got out off the game https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSdeDQGnV/

sec ima look for a fix

(1 edit)

Have you really tried uninstalling it, instead of replacing it? that could be one issue. Make sure  you completely uninstall it first before installing a fresh new download. Tell me if it still doesnt work.


Not working


what phone do you have?

I wonder when will the next update will be released I just can't wait

I can't play

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