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No NSFW??? ;(

That's what I'm saying

you just need to get deeper tho


Oh cmon, the story is good it doesn't necessarily need to have NSFW :/


yes but still...we need dick.


Damn chill 😭


This vn has a different pacing compared to the others. Feels like whatching a cabaret musical. 

Lots of props and gimmicks. Its very spunky, Very meta and takes a mundane theme and adds lots of character to It. 

It may be not for everyone's tastes, but i liked. 

If you are having troubble with the pacing/props/etc. Just go with the mindset of "im going to watch a cabaret musical/performance" and its Fine.

Great work!

when will 2.0 release to public?

End huh 

A song reminds me of this game the song is the side of the paradise

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This game is actually one of the best i have seen in this entire site keep up the good work! Cant wait till next update

The pc download is not tagged as windows, so itch app doesnt allow downloads by default. Please fix

Is it normal for the protagonist's expression to always remain the same? I've kind of seen some variations in other people's expressions, but the protagonist still has the same face ":)".

It changes later in the game

Hey huge cookie I have a question I know you working hard on your next game quote unquote but I was winning are you going to work on Mexico story to this after that one or what also I tried to find you on Discord

Waiting for the last or something chapter

when will be next part??

unknown. as the author said, he is working now. BUT there will be a continuation as soon as he has enough free time

This game is already done? Someone please reply if it is done I download it

It still on development, But the story is already good you should try starting if you want

Only the first season was released. the second season will be created when the author has free time

Dayum this vn really gave me a Goosebump but serious this vn is co cool 

I'm confused the game still glitches on my Android tablet and I downloaded the new update it doesn't even get to cooking with zion

I actually went batshit after i saw "dropped"

what was the music of the old menu theme, shazam isn't helping ;~;


To the creator of this masterpiece do you have Tweeter or X?


@cookiehuge ^^

All I can say about this vn is Perfect yes perfect on my own opinion. I just done reading it right now.  Waiting for the last update😭😭😭😭

Sex scenes?


How many


Adastra was good but only had 2 scenes

a lot


wow really damn those are my favorite parts

I don't know why but I can't download it, i this because the android version on my phone is not capable on this vn?


So I don't know if this is a bug or if it's intentional when you get back to Zion's house after talking to the boss it sort of just Loops right back to the conversation with the boss and repeats until it goes to the title screen.

ill post a patch later


Plssss don't end it!!!!!!!!


too late :C


i had a bug come up when i just got done reading the part about the whole family being attacked. i was able to get around it after hitting ignore a bunch of times and reloading it. but idk how to report the bugs. so just wanted to let you be aware of a possible issue at that point in the story.

can you send a screenshot? It's a bit hard to locate 

Helloooo im new and i really wna read this vn but i got a few questions before reading this...

in devs log, the patreon upd for 2.0.0 is the end? like end END?

and how long is this story?

just these silly questions hehe

yep, the story concludes there. The vn isnt too long, about 2 days worth of reading i think

tyyy, ill be sure to read this amazing vn ^^

When did the menu music change? Sure is a big one.

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when will be public 2.0.0 out???? 


THE END???? TFYM DONT LEAVE ME HANGING 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭



me too 

Hello, I have trouble continuing the VN (1.9.0. PC ver.) after the confrontation scene when Ludus was held hostage for ransom. Not sure if you have fixed it on the 1.9.5 build.

ok ill get on to it

Sorry for bothering,

In chapt2part3, because of "who", will curse row 3169 3172 3175 3176 error, you can change it to "Who" or other words.

ooh oki thanks

Oh I missed it

It's out!!!?


poggers, new update next month >:o

Um waiting,phileo flash back and the tiger(don't know the name it's been months)it reminded me of the song death bed,it's a good story I hope I will see more of it

Awesome how they referenced Adastra :)

But sad how the storage is so demanding :(


Still patiently waiting ;⁠)


Coming next month I think..

There any updates coming this year?

I can't wait for the next update, this game is so freaking good <3


Is the visual novel finished, or does it have more to go? Also when do you plan to post the next update? I would really like to see more soon.


hey, we, the people using the desktop app cannot download the files.

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